Graham goes for glory

Selsey’s Graham Carr will be going for glory in the latest round of this year’s Open Mic competition at Portsmouth’s Gunwharf Quays on Sunday (November 27).

The area finals will see Graham just one step away from a place in National Grand Final at The O2 in London as part of Live Fest, London’s biggest indoor festival, on January 21.

30-year-old Graham said: “It’s gone awesome so far and I am really enjoying getting back in the game. Being 30, it’s even harder because of the whole age thing but that’s where I start to shine because I love to perform - better when the stakes are higher if you know what I mean.

“If I am honest I like to think I am a man of many talents and singing and song-writing are just some of them. I have my hand in many pies so to speak like acting and play-writing. I don’t believe in sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring.

“I am trying to get my 01visa which will allow me to act and sing as well in and the USA (Hollywood) but I do not have enough credits. This industry is 50 per cent who you know, 40 per cent what you look like and ten per cent talent, so the more crayons you have in your box and the better prepared you are and the more we invest ie singing lesson, workshops, dance, etc, the better the individual’s chances are.”

Graham added: “I have been in and out of the industry most of my life. Going all the way back to when I was a kid and acting and singing at Lorna Priddis in Selsey plus Chichester Youth Theatre.

“I’ve sung in churches, on small to big stages etc. I’ve auditioned also at the X-Factor twice but didn’t get through. So the thing I discovered is you need skin like a rhino and a heart of an angel to get through all the rejection we performers go through till you get the big break-through!”

For the competition, Graham is going the extra mile: “I am preparing something awesome. I don’t believe any other act is doing what I am doing. It’s way, way ,way outside my comfort zone but it’s within my ability to do it!”