Intricate melodies with a nod to ‘60s beat group

Family Ents present Gramotones at The Albert, Brighton on Thursday, March 27.

Promoter Kairen Kemp said: “Song-writing comes first with Mancunians Gramotones.”

She continued: “There are well thought-out lyrics with a very clear influence of artists, such as Squeeze and Elvis Costello.

“Beautiful and intricate vocal melodies are a staple in the Gramotone sound, with a nod to ’60s Manchester beat group The Hollies and The Beach Boys.

“The result is somewhere near that of an English incarnation of The Band.

“Gramotones deliver a contemporary twist without ever approaching throwback or revival territory. “

Kairen added: “Paul Weller has tipped them for success so that testimonial alone makes them definitely worth checking out.”