Joyous warmth and up-tempo pop sounds

Beaty Heart
Beaty Heart

Peckham psych-pop trio Beaty Heart might just be on the verge of big things.

They have put in the groundwork; their debut single Lekka Freakout is out on October 28; and they are hoping to bring out their debut album Mixed Blessings in March.

In the meantime, they play Brighton’s Green Door Store on Monday, November 4.

Charlie Rotberg, from the band, said: “It has been a long time. We have been together for about three years. It has been a work in progress. We have only done small releases until now. But it is all very exciting for us. We finally are quite happy with our sound. It has taken a while for us to craft it and find out what we are as a band.

“It is very satisfying to have the chance to put together a full body of work. We are still in the studio recording the rest of the album for release in March, we hope. It is going to be hard to know when to stop and know when it is ready. Without deadlines, you could probably just go on forever... and maybe just create a mess in the end!

“I think we see our music as having massive pop sensibilities within it. I also think that what we do is reconstruct different sounds and samples into pop structures in an attempt to create a new joyous warmth and uptempo sounds. It is very hard to pin down. We have such a wide range of influences. When we were thinking about our album, we wanted to encompass lots of different genres.”

Now is the moment to make an impact.

“There are so many factors. For us, really all we can really do is just push as hard as we can and believe in what we are doing – and I think we do. It is great now to be in a position to prove that to people. We try to create this world visually and through our music. We do all our own artwork and videos. We just have to carry on with that, I think, and hopefully we can make our mark.

“It’s such a competitive world, but you will never know unless you give it a go! It has taken a lot of crafting. There are lots of layers to the sound. That’s something that we have learnt through the process.

“We develop each layer and sometimes strip bits back and sometimes expose other bits.

“We all grew up in Kent. We went to school there and all went to college in south London. That’s when we started making music together. It was our last year in college when we decided to turn this bedroom jam project into a band. We are still based in London.”