Music that makes you think and want to dance

Dizraeli and The Small Gods, The Haunt, Brighton, 
Saturday November 23

Imagine a band forged from a fusion of folk and hip hop, with a collection of different instruments, haunting vocals and slam poetry style lyrics and you get an idea of what this incredible band are all about.

The rapper Dizraeli, originally from Bristol, delivers intelligent lyrics with energy and charisma, while the rest of The Small Gods play violin, cello, keyboard, guitar, drums, flute and decks.

I’ve been listening to any songs of theirs I could find on Youtube for the last two weeks and I like them so much, I’ve been listening to them again and again.

Live it was even better. The energy of the band is infectious. The crowd jump, dance and sing along, punching the air for tracks such as Million Miles, Never Mind and Good God.

Half way through we have a musical interlude with Bella, who plays cello, turning her hand to beatboxing – and she’s very, very good at it, sounding like both decks and a drum machine at the same time.

Meanwhile Dizraeli asks us to shout out subjects for him to freestyle about: so we get impressive and impromptu rapping about subjects like the colour blue and a forest.

As well as being a rapper, Dizraeli is also a slam poet. His verse is honest and heartfelt, so much so it gives you goose bumps, as do the soaring vocals of the band’s singer.

Never Mind, tells you to grab life by the horns and enjoy it, while weaving together ska, folk and hip hop into a song which has the whole room dancing. They also played Sailor, a song which could only be described as electric, the singer’s vocals are so beautiful.

The band ended with A Million Miles, which had the crowd going crazy and Dizraeli finished the gig by crowd surfing into the audience.

What a talented group of musicians they are, making music that makes you think, makes you want to dance and heals your soul. They deserve to be big.

Apparently they are now taking some time out to write a new album – their current album Moving in the Dark is already on my Christmas list and I’m telling anyone who will listen to me to give this band a listen. And go and see a gig – they’re even more fun live.