Musicians rock during DIY era

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Brighton band The Last Carnival are hoping that this year might just be their year as they contemplate the release of their debut album which should be out in the summer.

In the meantime, their new EP Falling For Luisa comes out on March 11, just after a date at The Haunt, Brighton on Friday, March 8.

Drummer Adam Williams is confident the band can negotiate their way through changing times in the music business.

“There are a lot of bands out there, but we are lucky that we have got management. There is quite a big shift in the industry at the moment.”

Downloads are clearly affecting album sales, and as Adam says, if a big band such as Cold Play are not getting the album sales, then clearly the record label isn’t going to have the cash to invest in the smaller bands. There’s certainly a knock-on effect.

“There are people in music publishing that are used to having massive budgets, but it’s very different for them now.”

Against that, as Adam says, is the fact that these days there are so many more and varied roots for getting your music out there. Recording and distribution have both become considerably easier – with the result that a band that not many people have heard of may well be selling out all the dates on their tour.

“You can reach people more easily.”

It’s an era of DIY: “We are lucky that we have got the contacts through our management, but we do the photo shoots and the touring organisation and everything ourselves. We don’t have the agent costs.”

The band is entering its third year: “We are very guitar-driven. The live show is all about the relationship between the two guitar-players. It’s melodic rock really, like a modern-day mash-up of things like Van Halen and Bowie.

“We are based in Brighton at the moment. Our guitar player Justin lives in Wales, but the rest of us all live in Brighton. The lead singer is my brother Russell. We have been playing together for years. I play drums and Russ plays guitar. We have been playing together since we were little. I was about 12 or 13 when we started jamming in the house, annoying all the neighbours, and when it got to the right time, when I was about 13-14, we started our first gigs.

“The first band we had was with our (current) bass player Mike who is one of Russ’s closest friends.”

The band are Russell James Williams (singer/songwriter/guitar); Adam Williams (drums); Michael Marchant (bass/backing vocals); Kieran Lewis (keyboard/backing vocals); and Justin Morris (guitar).

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