Part new album, part retrospective

Thea Gilmore
Thea Gilmore

Thea Gilmore plays Brighton Komedia on Wednesday, May 13, on the back of her new album Ghosts & Graffiti.

The album is number 15 in Thea’s 17-year career, a compilation with its own twists – part new album, part retrospective.

Thea has included four all-new songs that sit alongside six newly-recorded versions of old material, selected tracks from her back catalogue.

“People have asked me many times about a compilation,” Thea said, “but I’ve always said no. I’m a bit of a ‘Best Of’ sceptic and I’ve never felt it was time to look back; I always had new stuff I passionately wanted to get out there.

“Then I realised last year that I wanted to bring new light to some older songs... colour, and the perspective that just living for a while affords. I was so young when I wrote many of them, and I’ve come to see some of the early versions as no longer definitive.”

Ghosts & Graffiti has one eye on the horizon and one in the rear-view mirror. “I didn’t set out to make so many albums. There was no master plan, I just had things to say so I found a way to say them. Now I see every record as a snapshot of that particular time in my life. I go back and listen to myself singing when I was 18 and it’s like a haunting; the songs are the ghosts of my past.”