Peter Andre tries a new musical direction

Peter Andre
Peter Andre

Peter Andre says things have never been more enjoyable as he launches into his first major UK tour in two years.

Along the way is a date at the Brighton Centre on Sunday, October 5.

Peter was just off to film a TV commercial at the time of speaking: “I am multi-tasking! I am proud of being a Jack of all trades and master of none!” he laughs.

“But I tend to tour every two years, and this time it is very different. Someone promoting something new is always going to say that it is completely different, but with this one, we have thrown the gimmicks away. We are going to have a 12-piece blues and jazz band for Brighton. It will be great.

“I grew up loving all the greats. I loved Frankie and Elvis, and I loved jazz and the blues. And I loved the real old r ‘n’ b. When I started writing stuff, at first I had to write stuff that was commercially viable. I would write poppy songs, but now I have got an opportunity to tour and put a band together, where I thought we should be like the blues brothers, great songs that are real soulful blues and some great jazz. We are going to do original material, but also we are going to throw in some classics.

“It’s a really amazing feeling that you can do what you want to do.

“It’s great when you have not got record companies saying ‘You have got to do this’ or ‘You have got to do that.’ I am very fortunate in that my management are very generous. They trust me when I say what I want to do. I have never been forced, but it is good to take advice. That’s the right thing to do, But my instincts are good.

“Really, I suppose, it depends what you are going for. If you are wanting to go for number one and you release something more r ‘n’ b or blues, you might not get that number one, but you will have satisfaction as a performer. Anyone that says they don’t care about going to number one is pulling your leg. Of course we all want that, but you have got to think about the spin-offs. If you are number one, you might end up doing things that you don’t really enjoy.

“But I am really happy at the moment. In this industry to be able to do TV presenting and music and endorsements is great.

“I am really grateful that I have been given the chance to try my hand at so many different things.”

And he’s pleased at the way his albums have been selling.

“Over a period of six months, you end up selling a lot more. You release an album and it goes to top five in week one, and then the next week the album has gone. I have done those kinds of album. I have also had a number one album, a number three and a number five. But the situation with the last three albums is that they start selling from January, and by December they have gone gold or platinum. They are slow-burners, which is great.”

It gives the year a pattern. The albums can grow during the year, ready for the autumn tour – for which he then has so much more to draw on.

“I have 11 albums that I can draw on. There have been nine top-five hits in the UK throughout those albums.”