Punks head for the seaside

UK Subs and Brutal Regime plus Brain Jelly line up at The Haunt, Brighton on Sunday, June 9.

Promoter Kairen Kemp said: “Incredibly, 2010 marked the fifth decade in which the UK Subs had continually graced the punk rock scene. Inspired by The Damned at the birth of British punk, Charlie Harper formed the Subs out of his then R&B outfit The Marauders, late in 1976.

“Starting out as The Subversives, the name was shortened to The Subs and then changed to UK Subs, with the prefix taken from the first Sex Pistols single Anarchy In The UK.

“October 1977 saw Charlie joined by Nicky Garratt on guitar, and it was the Harper/Garratt song writing partnership that would go on to collaborate on what is recognised as the bands most revered work. Through 1977 and 1978 the band played shows all over London including the infamous Roxy punk club, building up a fiercely-loyal and sizeable following.

“Their first recorded output was on the Farewell To The Roxy LP. This bought them to the attention of John Peel who was obviously impressed enough to offer to finance their first single. “

Doors 7pm; tickets 01273 123456.