Radio DJ spins the best in soul, ska and 60s

Jacqui Carroll
Jacqui Carroll

RTE Radio DJ/presenter Jacqui Carroll will be bringing her radio show Ready Steady Go! to The Latest Bar in Brighton to celebrate the 1960s on October 24.

Her date will also mark the 50th anniversary of Mods in Brighton.

Jacqui, who presents her twice-weekly show on RTE radio in Ireland, will be spinning all the best in soul, ’60s, northern, beat and ska alongside video visuals from the era.

Also on the bill are a seven-piece ’60s-style band called The Fliks fronted by an all-girl trio who will be belting out the hits of the ’60s and Motown.

“My show is called Ready Steady Go! which is a bit of a throwback to the ’60s and is very heavily influenced by ’60s soul,” Jacqui explains.

“Like a lot of people my age, I grew up with that kind of music in the household. My father was in bands, and I always had that kind of music playing.

“I had always had an awareness of that kind of music, and I thought it would be nice if I could combine my love of that kind of music with giving some of those old bands a little bit of a dig-out.

“I started doing the radio show about four years. Before that, I did a web music channel, which was great fun, talking to new bands, but I knew I wanted to do something with the music that I loved. RTE came along, and it was just a great fit. They didn’t have anything quite like what I wanted to do.”

It’s an era Jacqui adores: “I just feel that it was something so remarkable, and all the clothes were very much part of what was going on.

“People would wear what their parents used to wear, and then suddenly they were able to reach out.

“The girls were suddenly wearing miniskirts, and they were able to express themselves. There was a sudden explosion of colour and sound. I thought I would carry that on and apply it to my life. It’s very difficult when there are times when people want to confine you, but it is important to express yourself in that way.”

As for the music, Otis Redding is a particular favourite: “I also love Dusty Springfield. She was so beautiful, and she was such a trailblazer.

“She was not afraid to express who she was.

“She was a little bit tongue in cheek in certain interviews about her sexuality. She didn’t care what people thought.”

Jacqui is promising plenty of fun at her Brighton gig: “I go to so many gigs. They can be very specific, whether they are mod or indie or psychedelic or whatever, but I like a bit of everything.

“I like new work and punk and everything. I thought I would go back to the old days where you didn’t have to spend much money but you could have a really good night with lots of great music.”