Review: Richard Durrant, The Hawth Studio, Crawley

Richard Durrant, The Hawth Studio, Crawley, Tuesday October 25.

IT SEEMS a shame that Sussex doesn’t recognise Richard Durrant for the enormous contribution he has made to culture in the county.

Having grown up in East Sussex and living in the West for many years, he has performed countless times in venues across the county, as well as making a name for himself across the world.

His incredible guitar work has entertained people of all ages - and yet this home-grown virtuoso remains neglected in terms of accolades from Sussex.

Richard stopped off at Crawley on Tuesday as part of his latest tour - Danza Paraguaya Show.

This celebrates the music of Paraguayan composer Agustin Barrios, a childhood hero.

On a recent tour to the country he received various awards for his significant contribution to Paraguayan culture - so why not Sussex?

Richard’s easy manner creates a perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy his performances.

The first half was all Barrios compositions, introducing these beautiful works to a packed audience.

After the break the music was more eclectic, but relating to Barrios life and times.

The show had an added bonus, with a screen showing photos and animation created by a local artist.

When he played in Paraguay, Richard was treated to celebrity lunches, marching bands and politicians wanting to shake his hand.

In Crawley he had plenty of enthusiatic applause, but he must find it a very strange world indeed.

Steve Payne