Sleepy man seen as Wilcko films video

Shoppers on Sussex Road, Haywards Heath, were more than a little bemused and puzzled when they saw a man in a suit and pork pie hat being forcibly ejected from a number of premises.

However, there was no need to worry.

It was simply that Brighton-based ska musician Wilcko was shooting his latest video with the help of some of Haywards Heath’s independent traders.

Shoppers saw the man removed from the Sussex Bed Centre, Archie’s Sandwich Shop, Tony’s Hairdresser, The Footcare Centre and Izzy’s Party Shop.

Wilcko also shot some scenes in P and K Autos in Newick.

Wilcko, a former Haywards Heath teacher, recently had a number three hit in the UK reggae charts and a number four in the European reggae charts.

Wilcko explained: “We wanted to shoot a video for an upcoming single titled ‘Nap (Keep The Noise Down)’.

“It’s the story of a chap who has been out on the tiles all night and is looking for somewhere to sleep. He tries to sneak into the shops and curl up unseen for a snooze but only ends up being thrown out of each shop.”

Wilcko decided to look up some old friends and contacts in the area and asked them to help him and they were happy to oblige.

Wilcko said: “I am so grateful to the traders of Haywards Heath. It was a real community effort to put this video together and it provides the story with a really unusual angle. I don’t think anyone has done this before.”

Wilcko’s previous video ‘Omsong’ starred Erkan Mustafa from BBC’s Grange Hill.

The song ‘Nap (Keep The Noise Down)’ is taken from Wilcko’s latest EP, ‘Picasso Stole My Braces’. The song is available on iTunes and can be seen on YouTube.