Sonics’ sound is major influence on punk music

Family Ents presents The Sonics plus support from The Dials and Sherbert Peardrop Explosion at Concorde 2 Brighton on Monday, May 5.

Promoter Kairen Kemp said: “Since forming in the early 1960s The Sonics have helped develop the garage rock sound as we know it today.

“Their aggressive, hard-edged sound has been a major influence on punk, garage and hard rock music worldwide, as well as being named an inspiration by the likes of Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen, the Fall, and other major artists alike.

“After retiring in 1966, The Sonics’ return in 2007 sparked international promoters, journalists, reviewers, festival organisers and hordes of dedicated and new fans to embrace the group whose music has thrilled and inspired so many for so many years.

“In 2008 the Sonics performed theatres and festivals across the globe including USA, London, Belgium, Sweden and Norway. Their performance at South by Southwest 2009 in Austin was acclaimed as one of the most memorable concerts since SXSW began.”

The Sonics today includes: Jerry Roslie keys, lead vocals, Rob Lind, sax, harp and vocals; Larry Parypa, guitar bkg vocals, Dusty Watson drums; Freddie Dennis bass and vocals .

Box Office: 01273 673311.