Space and sci-fi spectacular

Students and staff at the University of Chichester are promising a space and sci-fi musical extravaganza at Bognor’s Regis Centre on Friday, November 18 at 7.30pm.

The University of Chichester Pops Orchestra and University of Chichester Wind Band will take half a show each for a night which will offer a cosmic feast.

Stirring music from iconic films including Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Avatar, Star Trek and ET will be enhanced by an impressive laser show and lighting.

Simon Growcott, orchestral manager at the University of Chichester, is keen to raise the public profile of the ensembles the university has to offer.

“The wind band is for those players who would like to play in a wind band and just have the chance to perform. It is conducted by Suzie Shrubb (associate lecturer in the music department).

“The pops orchestra evolved out of the symphony orchestra. About five or six years ago, the orchestra was in a bit of a mess and then Crispin Ward took over, and the standards of the symphony orchestra rose. It was decided to have an orchestra that was by audition. Rather than just being one where anybody could turn up and play, it became more formal.

“But to cater for those people who would not necessarily be able to play in the symphony orchestra, they formed a pops orchestra in addiction. It has got guitars and saxophones and all manner of things in it. Nobody is turned away - so there are plenty of them!

“The pops orchestra basically does pops. It’s film music - a lighter repertoire.”

The orchestra does a concert every semester, and it is going from strength to strength, Simon says: “The last concert that they did was on Guernsey. It was part of the University of Chichester music festival in Guernsey. We took over music in Guernsey for a week. We did concerts in schools and public concerts in the town. We were playing in the square. But the pops orchestra also did a concert in the arts centre there that was very well received - and they want us back.”

Simon is currently negotiating dates for a return at the end of May. In the meantime, tickets for the concert at the Regis Centre are available on 01243 861010.