Tenth show is biggest ever

Max Manss and Dave Perry with  Bryony Brooke
Max Manss and Dave Perry with Bryony Brooke

Max Manss and Dave Perry with ‘The Alternative Show’, Uckfield FM, 
Friday, 9pm to 11pm

For our tenth show, we wanted to do something a bit special.

Our genre for this show was ‘singer/songwriter’ and we were lucky enough to have quite a lot of interest from various artists.

We prerecorded an interview with Oktoba, a brilliant artist based in Brighton who provided us with an amazing live set. The interview went out on June 6.

Bryony Brooke also joined us live in the studio during our biggest ever show. Based locally, she is a talented young artist who looks like she is really going places.

In addition to the live artists, we have also received copies of the band TMB’s upcoming, unreleased EP and album and we are the first radio show in the UK to play these new tracks. TMB are a band who are inspirational as well as talented – one of their members is fighting an advanced case of prostate cancer, and another has beaten breast cancer. As a group they are trying to raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer UK, something we support fully. TMB have been so good to us, exchanging many emails, sending us so much of their music, and inviting us to their album launch.

Most importantly, it is in this show that we announced a project that we have been working on since the show began. Due to the fact that the show is so different, with us focusing on a different genre every week, we received a lot of positive feedback on the music played and decided we should act on this. That is why we announced ‘The Best of The Alternative Show – Series 1’ CD.

We are proud to announce, in the show, that all proceeds from the CD will go straight to Prostate Cancer UK.

People can hear the biggest show on www.mix