X Factor stars end show in spectacular style

The X Factor live tour came to Brighton with the eight finalists from last year’s show with something different. All the acts could actually sing!

With a packed Brighton Centre, the acts didn’t disappoint.

Tamera Foster, Sam Callahan, Hannah Barrett, Abi Alton, Nicholas McDonald, Luke Friend and Rough Copy (who were down to two members, not the usual three) all delighted the crowd with their top performances. Sam Callahan and Luke Friend getting the biggest cheers with the girls in the audience.

Each act during the first half was introduced with a short video clip showing some of their X Factor highlights.

Of course, we had to wait until the very end of the show to see the winner – the amazing mother of two (soon to be three) Sam Bailey. Completely in a class of her own, Sam Bailey has got to be voice of the future.

A true powerhouse of a performer, each and every one of her final songs were spot on, leaving the crowd screaming for more.

She can definitely work the stage, and with her first album, The Power of Love, being released on March 24, I think we are seeing a superstar of the future.

Ending her six songs with her No 1 winners single, Skyscraper, Sam Bailey left the stage with the audience wanting more…

And they got a bit more as she led the final routine with the whole cast singing Lifted.

Starting with Sam raising out of the stage, with the others joining in, it was an excellent ending to a well produced, well choreographed, well lit show with performances to match.

Words and picture by Eddie Howland