Never mind the cricket - life's a funny old game

Life can't be that much fun for Australian comedians just at the moment.

After all, nothing they can do or say can possibly be funnier than Ricky Ponting getting run out in the crucial Ashes' decider at the Oval.

Or can it?

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"Well, I think there was always going to be rich material in the cricket," says Kevin Bloody Wilson who brings his latest tour to Worthing's Assembly Hall on Friday, September 18 at 8pm.

Kevin is that slightly-rare thing, an Aussie not hugely bothered about the cricket, though he admits he would have preferred the more usual Aussie victory.

It certainly put the kybosh on Richard Branson ever sponsoring the Australian cricket team, Kevin jokes. Oh really?

Sadly, the punchline is far too crude to reproduce here.

"Did you even bother writing that one down?" laughs Kevin. The point is that Kevin's humour is very definitely adult humour '“ a humour that we Brits and the Aussies share.

Kevin started writing bawdy songs to amuse his friends in pubs in Kalgoorlie, Australia. But back in those early days, he was also drawing on a few bawdy originals from the UK. Charlotte The Harlot, for instance. Kevin was tackling the toughest of audiences, a Sunday morning slot in the outback before 300 or 400 people nursing their Saturday night hangovers.

"Apart from the smell, they were very edgy people. The instructions were that I shouldn't play country music because the sad ones would make them all cry and that I shouldn't play AC/DC because they would all start fighting. The only thing left was the bawdy ballads."

And they soon got him noticed in the right places.

"It was Billy Connolly that got me started over here. He heard of my stuff in Australia and said 'You should take this stuff to England.

They will love it'."

He did and we did. The UK has long since become a happy hunting ground for Kevin '“ thanks again to that great shared sense of humour.

It's a Commonwealth humour, in fact. The jokes that work in Aus and the UK will also work in Canada. They probably won't work in the US. "The Americans just don't get it." Why not? "Dare I say dumb?"

*For Worthing, Kevin will be supported by his daughter Australian singer/songwriter Jenny Talia whose own songs are much like father's but take a female perspective. Tickets on 01903 206206 or visit

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