The Greets Inn embraces Pie Week with usual culinary expertise

Life of Pi may have been bowling the critics over in the cinema but it’s a week of pies that’s whetting appetites elsewhere.

This is British Pie Week and The Greets Inn at Warnham has embraced the seven days with its usual culinary expertise.

It has produced four pies to celebrate the occasion - and they will be available throughout March for those who couldn’t make it by this weekend.

Each meal is priced at £10.95 and they span the spectrum.

Top of the board is the Greets Inn Special Meal ‘Inn’ a Pie.

It comprises local roe venison with carrot, parsnip, celeriac, turnip, swede and potato encased in short crust pastry.

For those who prefer sea to land, the classic fish pie contains salmon fillet, smoked haddock, prawns and a hard-boiled egg - from the Greets own hens - in a creamy dill sauce topped with mashed potato and mature cheddar cheese.

No pub pie selection would be complete without a steak, ale and mushroom offering - tender steak with button mushrooms in a Sussex real ale sauce topped with puff pastry and served with the Greets’ special hand cut chips.

Finally, with a twist on the original, comes the Shepherd’s Pie - featuring Sussex Weald diced lamb and root vegetables in a red wine sauce topped with a cheesy mash and served with pickled red cabbage.

Our family of four tested one of each on our visit on Saturday and we marked them on taste, ingredients, presentation and whether they had that real sense of being a great British pie.

On our score board, the fish pie triumphed scooping top marks. It was a mini masterpiece.

For originality and a real sense of countryside goodness we placed the venison in second place.

The Shepherd’s Pie was only narrowly pushed into third place. The lamb was simply delicious but our family of judges weren’t so sure about the pickled red cabbage - a taste to be acquired.

Finally, just in fourth place came the steak, ale and mushroom pie.

The meat filling was as tender and generous as promised but some of the chunks were a touch fatty.

To celebrate this special pie week we rounded off the occasion with the dessert menu - which the Greets always does so well.

The warm chocolate and pecan nut brownie with toffee sauce and vanilla pod ice cream was simply fantastic (£5.25) although the Belgian chocolate truffle cup with black cherries and clotted cream with a stunning half strawberry on top (£4.95) was equally amazing.

Of course, you don’t have to taste the pies this week and month. The Greets has carved out a wonderful reputation for its diverse menu.

Whenever we visit, we are never disappointed.

But why not take on our pie challenge? Go with a party of four to the

inn in Friday Street and order one each - then score them. And see if you agree with our verdict!

That’s all there is to it. It’s as easy as pie.