A bold hybrid of art forms

Following her look into one dementia sufferer’s mind in Autobiographer, Melanie Wilson’s new solo work constructs a conversation across time between three women in 1899 and 2013 (Brighton Dome, October 22).

Spokeswoman Emma Berge is promising a bold hybrid of performance, film and sound art.

“Set in the depths of the Devon countryside, Landscape II is constructed from strands of monologue and interior thought based around the diary entries and writings of these fictional women.

“Their parallel experiences reveal shared imaginings of identity and escape, as menacing undercurrents steal into their solitary and reflective lives. Their letters, diaries, drawings and photographs expose a series of threatening episodes and unsettling occurrences. As the landscape presses in on them, they draw upon the threads that connect them to survive.”

Melanie Wilson is a London-based writer, performer and sound artist.

“She makes performances, installations and sound walks that centre upon the use of sound as a distinct, immersive agency that is powerfully evocative of place linked to state of mind.”