A brilliant display of magic and puppetry

Sam Jones' Magic Show
Sam Jones' Magic Show

Sam Jones’ Magic Show, Barn Theatre, Seaford

Like many artists who did not win the TV talent shows, Seaford magician and ventriloquist Sam Jones has received many offers of work since he reached the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent, including the possibility of working on cruise ships.

While he is weighing up the options Sam has prepared a brand new show and he decided to test it out in his home town at the Barn Theatre on July 20.

The show sold out so quickly Sam is staging a second show in August.

I first saw Sam last summer at the Hampden Arms in South Heighton performing his comedy magic/ventriloquism.

In the past 12 months he has matured into a really professional performer and his two-hour show tonight was a brilliant display of magic tricks. It also included his famous puppet, Baby Leo, plus two others, Connor and a Chinese elderly gentleman, which provided the humour.

I can personally vouch that Sam’s tricks are 100 per cent authentic and are not pre-arranged.

About three weeks ago Sam asked me to meet him for coffee in Seaford and he handed me a sealed envelope.

It contained a CD, which he wanted me to keep safely until the Barn Theatre show. I had strict instructions not to open it and to take the sealed envelope to the show. He explained he had predicted what was going to happen in the show when he recorded it on June 25.

After performing some excellent magic tricks and examples of mind reading the finale came and Sam opened the envelope, which had been clearly visible to the audience throughout the show.

He placed the CD into a normal CD player on stage and we heard his voice saying exactly what he had done,even to the number of a £10 note given to him randomly by a member of the audience he had never met before. This note disappeared from a folded napkin and reappeared inside a nut concealed in an egg, which, in turn, was concealed inside a lemon.

I have no idea how Sam did this or predicted the results of his tricks. The tickets were all sold to members of the public, there were no plants and he always chose people from the audience he had never met.

Not only that he also concealed an envelope in a transparent box high above the stage at the beginning of the show, which were the same words people called out at random in the second half.

This young man is going to be a huge star and Seaford is proud of him.

By Amanda Wilkins