A fantastic series of stories

Tony Law, Nonsense Overdrive, Old Market, October 17

Tony Law’s comedy is so unique. There are no punch lines and no traditional jokes.

Instead we have a series of stories, almost all of them strange, fantastic and surreal.

One story features him travelling through space, where he discovers the pumpkin, then invents whistling and facilitates the domestication of sheep. Look out for when he meets Space Bear and Owl Cat.

Yet there are some astute comments about life: the posh middle classes whining about how difficult their lives are is met with the response that they should harden up.

He also laments the fact that he is a comedy fan’s comic and what he really needs to do to make big bucks, is pace the stage noticing stuff.

I wonder which popular TV comic he was gunning for there? Technically he is an absolute thrill to watch. You have no idea where his magical musings will transport you next.

He allows jokes to ‘fall off a cliff’, playing with the comic rhythm you would expect.

Tony Law does all this and manages to make you laugh until your sides ache.

If you want to be surprised, challenged and guffaw uproariously, go and see Tony Law. You won’t be disappointed.

By Samantha Clark