‘A fat, needy man pleading for attention’


COMEDIAN OMID DJALILI will be hitting Brighton this week with his first stand-up show for three-and-a-half years.

The Iranian comic has called the show ‘Tour of Duty’ because the title reminded him of ‘peace keeping forces’ and the fact ‘someone once said I was a bridge between East and West’.

Omid has won Time Out, South Bank Show and Emma Awards for his comedy as well as being a Perrier Nominee.

His style is razor-sharp using his incredible energy to give a cutting take on cultural observations as an Iranian Brit.

So why he is going on tour now?

“Last Christmas, I did a corporate gig, which can be notoriously difficult and I was so nervous I couldn’t go on. I hadn’t done a gig in about a year.

“The event organisers were getting nervous that I wouldn’t go on so they cited all kinds of legality at me if I failed to perform.

“As I took to the stage my mind was telling me, ‘You’re going to die. You’re just a fat, needy man pleading for attention. You have no integrity and the act has no artistic merit.

“’That’s why I’m here, for the money, not because I care or they care. They don’t even like me ‘.”

He added: “I went out with that devil on my shoulder, and on the other shoulder was another one going , ‘listen to the devil on the other shoulder, he’s right‘.

“Then the opening joke got more laughs than I’d expected. I started thinking , ‘They’re laughing coz you’re famous, not because you’re funny‘”.

“It was at that moment I thought , ‘Wow. They’re laughing and I’m not even funny. I’m going on tour‘. “

See Omid Djalili’s ‘Tour of Duty’ at 8pm in the Theatre Royal Brighton this Wednesday, February 15.

Tickets cost £20. See: www.atgtickets.com/brighton or phone: 0844 871 7650.