A magical end to an autumn term


The Selfish Giant and 
Oliver Twist (double bill), All Saints Centre, 
December 6 and 7

Special Guest: Ann Thomas, President of Southover Bonfire Society.

Autumn term at Theatre Centre, Lewes, ended with a very happy bunch of children performing their version of The Selfish Giant and Oliver Twist.

Our audiences on both performances generously supported our young cast, who were aged f0ur to 12 years.

Oliver Twist included a magic illusion in the production to help lighten the story, which is quite a dark tale.

Director Richard Hawley said: “I felt the street scene as Oliver entered London needed something a bit cosmopolitan and fun, so I researched a Victorian illusion called Metamorphosis, which was popularised by Harry Houdini.

“The children cast to perform the trick rehearsed separately on Sundays and did a great job on the night.”

The production ended with a rendition of Silent Night, which was popularised around Europe at the time of the publication of the book. Many of the costumes were handmade and are available for hire.

Photographs courtesy of James McCauley.