A night full of dark and twisted adult humour

Oedipuss In Boots
Oedipuss In Boots

Oedipuss In Boots is the alternative festive fare in Brighton, billed as “a new mother-loving puntomime”

It will be showing at Upstairs At Three And Ten from Saturday to Friday, December 7-13.

Spokesman Matthew Whittle promised a night full of dark, twisted, adult humour, outrageous costumes, hilarious characters and far too much anthropomorphism for its own good.

“Fed up with the usual sickly-sweet family-friendly festive fare? Oedipuss In Boots is a fantastically ridiculous, twisted alternative to your traditional Christmas pantomime.

“After a sold-out run at Bristol’s Wardrobe Theatre in 2012 and a memorable turn at Shambala Festival 2013, Oedipuss In Boots’ original all-male cast return for another anti-Christmas celebration this December. Oedipuss In Boots also features new music composed especially for the production by disco punk legend Kid Carpet (Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals, Blast Off, The Lost Present).

“Far away in the kingdom of Thebes, the royal kitten Oedipuss is cast with the dark prophecy of killing his father and marrying his mother. After being abandoned, Oedipuss thought he’d found happiness and a new home but instead his world is thrown head over paws, and this brave kitty goes on an incredible journey meeting monsters, villains and heroes as he tries to outrun his future and is forced to confront who and what he is.”

The Wardrobe Theatre is a performance space, which opened in May 2011 above the White Bear pub on St Michael’s Hill, Bristol, providing a mix of theatre, comedy and regular local nights.

Tickets: 07800983290 or www.upstairsatthreeandten.co.uk.