A profound solo show

Artichoke Artgroup promise poignant physical theatre in a fast-paced and profound solo performance for the Brighton Fringe.

Writer Florence Leon explains: “Ella has lost her memory.

“She is like a blank page, waiting to be written on, waiting for memories to etch themselves on the untethered canvases flapping arhythmically in her mind.

“She enters a strange world full of characters and slowly begins to unlock the secrets of her identity. She discovers anew the people most important to her, uncovering the dark heart at the centre of the enigma covering Ella.

“In Transit is a dark tragic tale, and yet it is full of captured moments of sheer beauty layered alongside nuggets of sweet and well-observed comedy.

“It is in fact a strangely uplifting and life-affirming engagement between one performer and her audience.

“In Transit is a show of many characters and personalities drawn exquisitely by one female performer, accompanied by an award winning soundtrack performed live by musicians occupying one side of the stage that forms Ella’s world.”

The performer is Solange Leon. It runs at The Old Courtroom, 118 Church Street, Brighton on May 23 and 24 at 9pm. Tickets on www.brightonfringe.org.