A superb double bill of all-male ballet dancing at Brighton Dome

Marc Galvez, Bradley Waller and Harry Price. Picture by Tristam Kenton
Marc Galvez, Bradley Waller and Harry Price. Picture by Tristam Kenton

All-male ballet company BalletBoyz bring a new double-bill to Brighton Dome under the simple heading Life (October 12 and 13).

Life features new commissions by choreographers Javier de Frutos and Pontus Lidberg.

Among the dancers – all of whom dance in both pieces – is Bradley Waller who has been with the company coming up for four years now.

“I have been with the company quite a while now compared to some people. There is a new dancer that has just come in, and the longest dancer has been six or seven years. I think everybody is just different, whatever job you are doing. There will always be some people who just like to move on.

“But I get enormous satisfaction with this company. We are so fortunate to work with so many different choreographers. It is very rare that any company works with so many interesting people, and they are creating new work all the time. All the pieces are made on us dancers. For me, I am just really happy where I am at the moment.”

As for the current show, a lot of people ask just what is meant by Life: “Life is obviously very specific to each individual, and if you call a show life, it seems as if you are going to be doing something quite personal and cathartic, but the interesting thing is that this is actually two very different choreographies.

“The first piece is created by Pontus Lidberg who is a Swedish choreographer who has a much more classical background. There is a lot more classical technique, the kinds of things you would be much more used to in a classical company. It is followed by the second piece with is at the other end of the spectrum with a much more contemporary feel. The way they both view life is very different.

“Everyone will be different too which one they prefer. I feel like for me it can change from week to week. Sometimes I get on stage and much prefer the one to the other, but then the next time it will be different. It depends on your mood, I suppose, and it also depends on the energy of the show, the energy coming from the other dancers. That’s a big thing for me, a really important aspect.

“Pontus is much more set in what he creates. Xavier gives us a lot more freedom once he has given you the idea, so that you can much more make it your own, and each individual can almost follow through their own piece and can almost take ownership.”

The two contrast, and that’s the point: “They complement each other. Opposites attract. They work so well together. When I am doing the show, I don’t think of two separate pieces. I think of it as one big show they work together so nicely.”

Bradley also enjoys the fact that it is an all-male dance company, a fact which opens up plenty of possibilities: “In my training, I was so used to partnering a woman. I was so accustomed to being the one doing the lifting and accompanying the woman. When I joined BalletBoyz, I had to get used to being lifted myself. It was very unusual. But it makes it very exciting. The duets are very shared. And there is also lots of trust between the dancers. We are working together every single day. We get to know each other pretty quickly in the studio. There is a lot of contact, so there has to be a lot of trust, and I think the audience sense that when we perform.”

BalletBoyz is the brainchild of former Royal Ballet lead dancers Michael Nunn and William Trevitt. They have been dancing together for nearly 25 years.

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