A superb spectacle for fans of Michael

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You do not even have to be a Michael Jackson fan to enjoy the wonderful production of Thriller at the Congress Theatre, Eastbourne this week.

The concert show telling the life of King of Pop Michael Jackson is touring to coincide with the fifth anniversary of this show at the Lyric Theatre in London’s West End.

Different lead singers take it in turns to sing Jackson’s famous hits and there is no story like there is in Mama Mia or We Will Rock You.

You are just treated to some magnificent dancing by such talented and energetic dancers that you feel exhausted watching them.

Gary Lloyd has both directed and choreographed the show and Nigel Catmur’s lighting on Jonathan Park’s great set is superb.

There are five lead vocalists, Andrew Derbyshire, John Moabi, Oggie, Samantha Johnson and Michael Duke who perform brilliantly but it is one little boy who plays Michael in the Jackson Five who steals the show, Torann Opara. Torann has always imitated Michael Jackson and even named his fish after him.

There was hardly a dry eye in the house when he sang ‘I’ll Be There’. John Moabi is the Jackson lookalike who dances and sings just like the star - it was uncanny watching him and everyone was on their feet when he sang Thriller.

This is a feelgood show you must catch, as Eastbourne is the only date in this area.