A thrilling comedy

Meeching Amateur Dramatics, A Tomb With A view, Meeching Hall Newhaven May and 24/25 7.45pm

When I read the plot of Norman Robbins comedy thriller A Tomb With A View I thought I was in for another silly comedy thriller. How wrong I was.

This is a well constructed play with more twists and turns than a corkscrew and you’ll never work out who the murderer is so you have to wait till the end of the play.

Garry Fowler has taken a break from treading the boards in Newhaven’s dramatic society to direct it and he has done this very well. It centres around the potty Tomb family who have gathered to listen to the reading of their eccentric father’s will.

This is where the danger lies, as if any of the cast had overacted it would have been boring. But Garry directed them to play it straight so you were hooked from the start.

There is older brother the mad scientist Lucien played by Steve Wetherilt who spends his time writing to the Prime Minister, younger brother Marcus who thinks he is Julius Caeser.

Kieran Beale was very good in this part and believable. Mad sister Dora played by Kay Wetherilt likes poisoning people with her homemade wine and burying them in the flowerbeds.

Strident Emily played by Lisa Turner is the sanest of the lot and man-mad sister Monica was a joy to watch as played by Donna Beard. Mandy Crnkovic looks glamorous as Marcus’ nurse Anne Franklin and Gill Veck is well cast as the housekeeper Agatha Hammond.

Into this madhouse comes romantic author Freda Mountjoy played by Wendy Gostock and her secretary Peregrine Potter played by Edd Ginn who becomes Monica’s prey.

It’s a shame the audience was so sparse on the first night as it’s a good evening’s entertainment with people getting murdered left, right and centre.

By Amanda Wilkins