Adventurous improv troupe offers imaginative comedy gold

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Off the Cuff head to the Brighton Fringe 2013 on May 3, 6 and 27 at 8.30pm at Upstairs at Three and Ten, 10 Steine Street, Brighton.

Spokeswoman Rosie James said: “Specialising in short-form improv, while upping the ante with musical numbers and the occasional long-form odyssey, this adventurous troupe of close-knit comrades strike a rare balance: mining laughter from total spontaneity and flights of imagination, without missing a beat. This formula has seen them become a Saturday-night institution in Brighton, and a success at the Edinburgh Fringe.

“Join Off the Cuff and be part of the story as they take audience suggestions and weave them into comedy gold, skilfully conjuring tales, characters and scenarios on the spot for a unique experience at every show. Their trademark edgy, fast and loose style, honed over the best part of a decade, means just one thing is guaranteed: laughs aplenty.

“In a city currently buzzing with improv, and new troupes springing up all the time, Off the Cuff are keyed up on developing ways to push themselves and their beloved art form into new areas, and nurture emerging talent.”

Tickets on 01273 917272.