Amazing stunts in one action packed show

Petit Mal: Concrete Circus
Petit Mal: Concrete Circus

Hot off the heels of a successful visit to New York, Finnish circus bad boys Race Horse Company bring the hit performance Petit Mal: Concrete Circus to Brighton Dome this Christmas (December 17-22)

Petit Mal: Concrete Circus is a high energy and action packed show featuring seemingly impossible stunts that fuse acrobatics with extreme trampolining, break dancing and hip hop, says spokesman Chris Challis.

“On a stage littered with garage debris, three bold young performers take you through an impressive display of extreme physicality and on-stage anarchy. The traditional form, poetry and soft movement of contemporary circus are challenged through randomness, dream-like logic and the menace of violence. A prime example of ‘concrete circus’ - a combination of tomfoolery and performing art where sweat and bruises embroider the skins of the performers - Petit Mal: Concrete Circus takes the foundations of black humour and collisions to create something truly unique. However, the show is far from choreographed wrestling: it is stunningly skilful and amusing, whilst also delicate and fragile performance art.

“Unlike most other contemporary circus Petit Mal: Concrete Circus has no story or plot, but has its fair share of action. The company approaches circus without questioning the bigger picture and leaves the philosophy and thinking behind their work to their audience. Their feedback and the critic’s reaction to the show speaks for itself.”

Chris added: “Founded in 2008 out of three acrobats’ desire to create uncompromising, personal and completely new kind of contemporary circus, Race Horse Company is made up of Petri Tuominen, Rauli Kosonen and Kalle Lehto.

“Following a trip to Nepal, Tuominen was inspired to create the show after seeing a child standing in the wreckage of a run-down part of the city wearing a pair of 3D glasses and smiling. Attempting to recreate this image – using a cluttered performance space of props and items – the show conveys a huge sense of playfulness, fun and daring across the stage.

“Petit Mal: Concrete Circus has toured 15 countries since it was made in 2010, and has been seen by more than 75,000 people.”