Another stunning musical

Terry Winstanley
Terry Winstanley

Dreamcoats And Petticoats, Congress Theatre, Eastbourne, until April 14

FOR THE second week running Eastbourne Theatres have given us a stunning musical at the Congress Theatre.

Dreamcoats and Petticoats has been to Eastbourne before but that does not matter.This production is as fresh and exuberant as ever. The energy that exudes from the young talented cast is infectious and I have never seen so many middle-aged women standing and dancing in the aisles because we,who lived through the sixties,were recapturing our youth. We were back in the days when we wore layered net petticoats and elastic belts to make our waists look tiny.

We revelled in the hit songs of our youth including To Know Him is to Love Him, You Won’t Catch Me Crying, Things,Bobby’s Girl,Little Town Flirt, and more.

All the cast are talented especially Emma Jane Morton and Tara Nelson who not only sing and dance but also play the saxophone and other instruments.

But the two who really stood out for me because of their acting skills and wonderful voices were the two young leads David Ribi as Bobby and Samantha Dorrance as Laura.

Ben James-Ellis, a semi-finalist in Any Dream Will Do is also very good as the arrogant Norman and I also liked Terry Winstanley who played Bobby’s father.He reached the judges’ houses stage of this year’s X-Factor and it is good to see he is continuing his musical career.

The dancing is first-class especially from Robyn Mellor who plays Sue and Carole Todd has choreographed the show very well.

This is the ultimate feelgood show you never get tired of seeing.

Amanda Wilkins