Bizarre clothing, spellbinding routines and very rude jokes

Katherine Ryan, Tuesday, October 14, Komedia, 
Brighton Comedy Festival

This Canadian comic is going to become one of my favourites. She’s outrageous, outspoken and very, very funny.

Katherine’s show is not for the faint hearted or for people without a basic knowledge of popular culture.

She talks about sex, swears like a trooper and tells it like it is. She also has a strong feminist line in her act. I think the loudest laughs came from the women in the audience and me. I was guffawing at the rate of one Sid James-esque cackle a minute.

Katherine poured scorn on celebrities, lampooning them for the marketed image they portrayed, which was often at odds with the reality.

Miley Cyrus’ twerking and the obsession with baby George and their parents Wills and Kate, came in for a right royal verbal assault, as did Cheryl Cole’s inexplicable position as the nation’s sweetheart.

And she really went for Tulisa from N-Dubz too. But there were more serious ruminations on abortion and being a parent to her “flatmate” who is aged three by the way and is in fact her daughter.

She pointed out that celebrity is like the new religion – Twitter fans are called followers, she grins, just like there were followers of Jesus! Apparently she likes poking fun at some of these celebs and waiting for the Twitter onslaught from fans.

For instance one joke about a celebrity on Twitter led to a 16-year-old girl threatening to come to her house and attack her! Katherine wasn’t bothered though. “I’m like, what I’m not scared of you! You’re 16!”

Sadly the majority of her act is too rude and saucy for me to repeat on these pages, which is definitely the way live stand up comedy should be. Otherwise, I might as well be watching sanitised Live at the Apollo on TV.

Tony Law, Friday, 
October 17, Old Market, Hove, Brighton Comedy Festival

Despite being an hour late due to train delays, not his fault I might add, the audience was still absolutely spellbound, shell shocked, confused and disturbed by his performance.

Ah, then it was as it should be with this comedian’s comedian, who looks at stand up as if it were art.

“Don’t worry you don’t need to understand it now, it will make sense three days later,” he grins.

First off Mr Tony Law entered the stage wearing a leotard with several pink and red ribbons attached to it.

This bizarre garb sort of makes sense when he does a dance routine later, which is hilarious by the way.

As someone who has seen this master of comedy before, I knew what to expect, but you can imagine a newcomer to his show would be like a bunny in headlights.

His narrative veers around dangerously, you leave wondering whether he had a point to make, you’re sure there were some serious points but where were they?

You laugh all the way through, only punctuated with moments where you haven’t got a clue what is going on. It’s incredible to watch him at work.

Also I loved the dance bit he did using a blow up beach ball and a member of the public, calling out after rapturous applause: “How are you words working for you now Stewart Lee?”