Challenge underwater superheroes at Sea Life Brighton

Underwater Superheroes
Underwater Superheroes

Sea Life Brighton visitors can reveal their inner superhero this month in a new interactive adventure.

Underwater Superheroes runs until March 17 and lets families follow a mysterious underwater trail through the centre.

On the way they will be challenged by Sea Life’s Super 5 subaquatic superheroes to see if they have the strength of a starfish or the speed of a shark, among other powers.

A spokesperson said: “Guests will face interactive challenges as they navigate from tank to tank, seeing if they can spot the invisible camouflaged octopuses, or match the power of a crab’s claw with a pinch of a resistance crunch bar.

“Along the route, kids will also learn about the amazing physical powers of the Super 5, starfish, sharks, octopuses, crabs and seahorses, and can even mirror their favourite hero with dress-up facemasks.

“That’s not all, trainee superheroes can add up their points from each Super 5 sea creature’s challenge to reveal their own hidden superpower. Once complete, heroes will even be awarded with a limited-edition Underwater Superheroes pop-badge to prove their powers.”

This interactive adventure is suitable for the whole family. Online tickets cost £11.50. Visit

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