Comedy duo want your verdict

Music-comedy duo Eccentronic return to Brighton Fringe with their new comedy cabaret musical, Techno Prisoners.

Spokeswoman Susi O’Neill said: “Eccentronic – the eccentric, electronic duo comprising Warp Records producer John Callaghan and virtuoso musician and chanteuse Hypnotique – have been imprisoned for musical crimes they probably didn’t commit, like performing a mash-up of incompatible genres and unleashing dangerously-addictive internet smash-hit songs, mainly about public transport networks

“Due to cuts to the legal system, Eccentronic must both prosecute and defend themselves, mainly using a series of inappropriate wigs pilfered from charity shops. The audience will form judge and jury to decide whether to offer the duo a pardon.

“Featuring an abundance of unusual instrumentation (including virtuoso theremin, the electronic instrument played without touch) and musical arrangements and quick-witted lyrical wordplay, Techno Prisoners verges from surrealism akin to The Mighty Boosh through to serious social topics.”

Performances are at The Quadrant on May 3-5, 9-11, 16-18, 23-25 and May 31-June 1.