Dark subjects offer good material for 
stand-up, says Peter

Comedian Peter Edwards brings humour from dark, emotional subjects in his brand-new show Man In A Tight T-Shirt, on Sundays during Brighton Fringe at Laughing Horse at Caroline of Brunswick.

It features jokes about his father’s cancer, families and the world of dating.

Peter, who’s been a comic for more than three years, says dark subjects are the reason he got into stand-up.

“For me, the spur to start joking was actually my dad’s death. I could talk about how I felt, and people would listen as long as it was funny. It’s emotionally cathartic.”

He says finding what’s funny in such topics is easier than ever. “Funny isn’t a joke. Funny is a mood. Put on some stand-up DVDs or perform lots of improv, and I go to that mood. That’s where the funny is.”

And he cites comedy as the thing that got him over his father’s passing.

“Humour tells us that at the same time as something means the whole world to us, it means nothing to almost everyone else, because they’re not even aware of it.

“It helps us be objective, because all emotional tension is relieved with laughter.”

The show is on May 18 and 25 May and June 1.