Disturbing tale offers a lot to think about

The Devil at Midnight
The Devil at Midnight

The Devil at Midnight, 
Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne

Talking Scarlet Theatre Company returned to Eastbourne this week with a three week season of thrillers at the Devonshire Park Theatre.

They could not have got off to a better start with Brian Clemens’ The Devil at Midnight.

This is not your run-of-the-mill thriller with dead bodies and policemen all over the place, it is a tense psychological thriller that will grip you to the end.

The very fact you could hear a pin drop in the theatre during both acts said it all. Apart from a few titters at the beginning of Act Two when there was a comic scene between the drunken husband and wife, nobody moved a muscle, they were engrossed in every single word.

All the acting was good but the plaudits have to go to Corrinne Wicks who plays the psychologist and Charlotte Chin, the troubled young girl she is trying to help, both their performances are brilliant,especially Charlotte.

Playing the psychologist’s long-suffering husband is Andrew Paul, who became a household name as Dave Quinnan in The Bill from 1987-2002.

His is a difficult role to play and he has got it just right. Playing the girl’s brother Billy is Chris Sheridan, whose role is portrayed more in actions than by words and he does this very well.

All sorts of thoughts go through your mind as the girl’s story unravels but when the denouement comes in the second act it is quite disturbing and you will leave the theatre with a lot to think about.

Next week the company are performing Shady Business by Robin Hawdon.

By Amanda Wilkins