Diverse acts at Danny’s club offer range of stand-up styles

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Danny’s Comedy Club,

The Birch Hotel, Haywards Heath, Friday, July 26

It was a curious crowd that arrived at The Birch Hotel on Friday.

Perhaps the visitors were wondering what a night of stand-up comedy would be like in such an unconventional venue.

Nevertheless, by the end of the evening everyone left looking well-entertained.

Interestingly, the first act wasn’t a stand-up comedian but a singer. Cylvian Flynn sang magnificently and provided a truly memorable start to the event.

The first comedian was David Seymour who got a few decent laughs with his jokes about Sylvanian Families. However, his material seemed to rely heavily on a personal sense of humour, which didn’t appeal to everyone.

Kayo Opebiyi did better with his softly spoken delivery, as he nonchalantly joked about bisexuality and being a black man without rhythm.

Adrian Knight was well-spoken and polite-sounding, but this only made his cutting remarks more effective. His wince-inducing jokes about Prince Harry and police cuts caused some groans rather than belly laughs but it was certainly the boldest act of the evening. Any stand-up comedian who dares to make fun of the National Union of Teachers (or “Nuts” as he calls it) deserves some credit for taking aim at liberal targets as well as conservative ones.

After a brief interval, Cylvian Flynn performed another stunning musical number before Mark Silcox (introduced as an Indian Homer Simpson) performed a hysterically funny set. His jokes about failing his driving test seven times – once for switching the engine off while going downhill to save petrol – got a brilliant response. His ideas were very funny but his bewildered delivery raised them to another level.

Ben Clover had a tough act to follow but performed his quiet, observational stand-up well. He had the most ‘alternative’ style of the evening, which wasn’t for everyone. However, for fans of unusual comedy, Ben’s rules for etiquette at a London Underground station offered a lot to enjoy.

Sean McLoughlin, hit the stage in an energetic, confrontational mood with a stripped down version of the show he’s taking to the Edinburgh Fringe.

He fired off great jokes about feeling sexually inadequate and about being skint to the point of viewing toothpaste as “bourgeois”. His act was full of self-deprecating humour and he never shied away from revealing unattractive behaviour. “I once ate a drumstick in the shower,” was just one of his memorable statements.

Sean also got an excellent response by making fun of the audience, asking one person: “Are you from Haywards Heath or did the rail replacement bus service just never show up?”

Overall, the night offered a wonderful opportunity to watch some diverse and clever stand-up comedy, which ended in exhilarating style thanks to headliner Sean McLoughlin.

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