Dramatic journey from innocence to escape

Chickenshed will be visiting the Brighton Fringe for the first time with The Rain That Washes, a piece inspired by a series of interviews between Zimbabwean Christopher Maphosa (building supervisor at Chickenshed) and Dave Carey, (Chickenshed’s director of creative development).

“It tells the story of one man’s experience growing up in turbulent Zimbabwe from white majority rule to Mugabe’s ultimate betrayal,” as spokeswoman Susan Jamson explains.

It runs at the Marlborough Theatre, 4 Princes Street, Brighton, from May 24-26 at 6pm.

“Instantly plunged into a young man’s compelling story, we live and breathe his extraordinary and dramatic journey from innocence to escape, finally returning to his homeland to witness Mugabe’s greatest betrayal. Ashley Maynard enacts Christopher’s extraordinary story and the characters that he meets along the way in this warm, funny and at times brutal and shocking play.

“The Rain That Washes is inspired by Zimbabwean Christopher Maphosa’s true life story of leaving his country at 14 years old to join the revolution against white rule.”