Eastbourne’s new underground art scene

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Art Under Ground, The Underground Theatre, Eastbourne, from May 2012

THE EASTBOURNE Under Ground Theatre is launching a major initiative, designed to bring to the town centre high-quality art, in a new “art space”.

The theatre foyer, down the stairs from the entrance to Eastbourne’s main library, has been refurbished as an exhibition area. And the first show will open in May 2012, with the UGT extending its opening hours, so that everyone in Eastbourne has an opportunity to enjoy this novel addition to the local art scene.

The main emphasis in Art Under Ground will be on professional art. And the first painter to be featured will be Andrew Voller, who comes originally from Kingston-upon-Thames, was awarded First Class Honours in Fine Art at Hull, and currently runs the Levitate Gallery in Mark Lane, Eastbourne. He describes his pictures as “colourful concoctions, ardently overlaid with ideas”.

This first exhibition will last throughout the theatre’s summer season, until the end of August, while the whole process “beds down”. Andrew Voller will be regularly changing the pictures on display, so the exhibition will evolve over time.

The UGT will open especially for art-lovers from 10am to 4pm on Fridays - and also on Saturdays, when the weekly coffee-morning will from now on always be accompanied by live music onstage. The pictures can, of course, also be viewed at any time by the audiences for UGT jazz and drama nights, or chamber-music and film afternoons.