Electric cars - are they rubbish?

ROBERT Llewellyn - actor, comedian and probably they UK’s most prominent advocate of electric cars, comes to Lewes Skeptics in the Pub on Wednesday April 18.

There are so many arguments against electric cars.

They are nothing but glorified golf carts that take forever to charge and then run out of power on the way to the shops.

Try finding somewhere to charge them.

They cost a fortune to buy and another fortune to replace the battery when its range drops to half.

You don’t want to believe all that nonsense about them being environmentally-friendly.

They are actually worse than petrol-powered cars because the batteries are made from dirty lithium and use electricity made from dirtier coal.

There isn’t even enough lithium in the world to make all the new batteries we’d need anyway.

Electric cars are just rubbish. Aren’t they?

Robert Llewellyn says no. He is probably the UK’s most prominent advocate of electric vehicles (EV) and presents a YouTube-based show called Fully Charged which documents current developments in the electric vehicle industry.

He also writes a column for the EV website The Charging Point. He has been notably critical of BBC Top Gear’s position on electric vehicles - a case in point being the Top Gear “review” of the Tesla V in 2008 which is currently the subject of a lawsuit by Tesla.

He will be putting forward his views at Lewis Skeptics in the Pub on Wednesday night, explaining why he thinks we need to put away our prejudices and think seriously about electric vehicles as the future of transport.