Emotional body language

Combining the skills of a contortionist, a hip-hop dancer, a handstander, an acrobat and a clown, along with original pulsing music, a cinder block and a very large trampoline, French ensemble Cie Kiaï present the UK premiere production of Off at Brighton Dome Corn Exchange on Monday, October 27 at 7.30pm.

In creating the show, the artists questioned themselves on how to communicate emotions through body language alone, where the body must take over from speaking and change in a thousand ways to convey emotions.

Cie Kiaï is a new French ensemble lead by Cyrille Musy. After a 15-year career as an artist working with Philippe Decouflé, Collectif AOC and Mathurin Bolze, Musy created the Kiaï Company to express his personal take on contemporary, multidisciplinary circus. Combining dance, circus and physical theatre, his work offers different forms of expression that meet, collide and feed each other to create a single and unique medium, crossing the boundaries that exist between dance and acrobatics.

Tickets on 01273 709709 or brightondome.org.