Ex-escort talks about bizarre but fun time

lsjs Sussex Express ENTS, May 17, 2013
lsjs Sussex Express ENTS, May 17, 2013

The Coin-Operated Girl offers real-life revelations from a former sex worker for the Brighton Fringe Festival.

Miranda Kane – who became a £2,000-a-night escort and weighed over 300lbs to boot – knows more than most.

“The fact is I had a brilliant time with the men of the UK, but also some really bizarre moments too, and I want to tell people all about them,” she says.

In this tell-all comedy, she exposes the truth about sex workers, their clients, and all the hilarious, heart-warming and often bizarre moments in a unique career.

With hilarious anecdotes and a Q&A, it aims to get people thinking, not only about sex workers, but also size acceptance, she says: “Coin-Operated Girl offers a whole new angle on the world of sex-work.”

Miranda now describes herself as a ‘loud, proud’ stand-up comedian and advocate for sex worker rights. She reached the 2012 So You Think You’re Funny semi-finals and is on the Funny Women One-To-Watch list.

Performances are at Brighton’s Marlborough Theatre on May 16, 17 and 18 at 9.15pm. Tickets on www.coinoperatedgirl.co.uk.