Forgotten artist’s work inspires new generations

Shoreham-based guitar virtuoso Richard Durrant is embarking on a few lecture recitals with his friend and musicologist Carlos Salcedo Centurion, who is coming over from Paraguay specially.

They will be at the Elephant and Castle, Lewes, on Sunday, March 15, at 4pm.

The event is being organised by Lewes Live Literature (tickets or 07972 037612).

The session looks at the Minstrel of Magical Strings – Agustin Barrios Mangore.

Forgotten and ignored for nearly half a century following his death in El Salvador in 1944, today Barrios’ body of works resounds far beyond his native Paraguay.

He has inspired new generations of artists intrigued with the South American Paganini and Chopin of the guitar.

“Travelling across the Americas along the Mangore Trail for two decades, Salcedo has been in search of the clues that help tell a timeless and inspiring story.

Carlos Salcedo centurion is a world authority on the subject of Paraguayan guitarist-composer Agustin Barrios Mangore.

Salcedo will be joined by concert guitarist Richard.

Richard said: “This programme is a must for anyone interested in guitar music, South American affairs, history or legend. It’s also a chance to hear some of the most eclectic and beautiful guitar music ever written for the six-stringed instrument.”

Carlos added: “This lecture-recital provides audiences a window into the fascinating and sublime world of one of the great bohemians of the 20th century, Barrios-Mangore, South America’s answer to Frederic Chopin, Arthur Rimbaud, Jim Morrison, Andy Warhol and Django Reinhardt.”