Funny play about characters has some poignant moments

Cissie and Ada
Cissie and Ada
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Cissie and Ada, Devnonshire Park Theatre,Eastbourne

This play turns out to be different to what you expect,it is billed as a new comedy play based on Les Dawson’s comic TV characters Cissie and Ada, which were created by Les and Roy Barraclough who went on to star in Coronation Street.

It is written by Graham Warrener in collaboration with the original scriptwriter Terry Ravenscroft but it is so much more than sketches based on the original show.

This play is very funny but it is also very poignant as it goes behind the scenes of the TV series and shows the heartbreak as Dawson’s beloved wife Meg is diagnosed with cancer and at times he feels he cannot continue.

Eric Potts, who played Diggory in Coronation Street, is excellent as Les Dawson while Steve Nallon captures Roy Barraclough.

Steven Arnold, famous for his role as Ashley in Coronation Street, plays the frustrated writer who finds his scripts are constantly being changed by Dawson while Natasha Maggi is their dresser although she longs to be an actress and has a secret ambition to be Cissie.

There is a hilarious scene when she and Steven Arnold re-create Cissie & Ada in their own way.

This is a gentle comedy with a poignant side which is a great tribute to the much loved Les Dawson.

By Amanda Wilkins