Going for gold at Glyndebourne

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Gold Run, Glyndebourne,

April 1.

A MAJOR new production staged at Glyndebourne will be performed by artists with learning disabilities in a collaboration with Chichester’s Pallant House Gallery.

It will premiere on Glyndebourne’s main stage on April 1.

Spokesman Michael Eppy said: “Gold Run illustrates the power and passion of the Paralympics, articulating the captivating story of the learning-disabled athletes welcomed into the Atlanta Paralympics in 1996, but later banned from competing in the Paralympic Games when the Spanish basketball team fielded non-learning disabled athletes.

“Gold Run welcomes back into the Paralympic fold the learning-disabled athletes who previously faced a challenging 12 year ban.

“Gold Run is the creative response to this controversial history, communicating a powerful story through compelling film, music and visual art. The project brings together learning-disabled and non-traditional artists in the creation of a bold, multi-genre performance. This creative production incorporates a 30-strong choir, original films and one giant sculptural head – designed and created by artist James Lake.”

Michael added: “This powerful new production is a collaborative arts project supported by Glyndebourne’s visionary education department and delivered in conjunction with renowned disability arts organisation Carousel and Pallant House Gallery, the home of Modern Art in the South.

“The production features a chorus of singing fictional athletes who passionately relay the highs and lows of this compelling Paralympic story. Specially-commissioned films are projected onto screens to illustrate the fast-paced sporting action and artistically. The cast and creative team behind the project include both learning disabled and disabled artists working alongside able bodied and non-learning-disabled individuals.

“Supporting the project are two of London 2012’s most exciting Paralympian hopefuls, hotly tipped for winning action this summer. Sophie Warner, Team GB 100m and 200m short distance runner and Adam Field, Team GB wheelchair Tennis player have both supported the project from the outset and feature at the heart of the production via a creative film section entitled movie memories.”

Sophie said: “Working in support of a multi-disciplinary production is something that is close to my heart. I passionately believe in advocating support for anyone who faces challenges as a learning disabled individual and believe we must harness the creative skill and talent held by so many people with a learning disability; we must enable individuals with learning disabilities to reach their potential in the arts.”

Gold Run is also at The Corn Exchange, Brighton Dome as part of Brighton Festival on Monday, May 21 at 6pm. Tickets are on sale from end February at brightonfestival.org