Hoping for a wish come true Japanese style

Tales from Old Japan
Tales from Old Japan

A Thousand Cranes presents Tales from Old Japan on Sunday, September 22 in the

Brighton Dome Studio Theatre.

Spokesman Chris Challis said: “In Japan it is said that if you fold a thousand paper cranes, your wish will come true. What better a proverb than this to base a children’s theatre company that takes its inspiration from Japanese stories and retells them to British children.

“As part of the ever growing Brighton Japan Festival, A Thousand Cranes bring their delightful show Tales from Old Japan to Brighton Dome Studio Theatre. Come and hear enchanting, bewitching and hair-raising stories including the magnificent Mount Iwate who blew hot and cold; the humble woodcutter and his beautiful but strange bride, and the snorting, burping Ogre of Rashomon Gate.

“These three traditional Japanese tales are brought to life through inventive storytelling, simple props and music by actress Kumiko Mend, co-artistic director of A Thousand Cranes. From West to East and from East to West, A Thousand Cranes creates visual, vibrant, physical theatre inspired by stories from Japan and Europe which celebrate and unite the two differing cultures and is committed to work that promotes intercultural dialogue and exchange.”

The company was founded in 2006 by Kumiko Mendl and director Vicky Ireland. Combining Vicky’s lifelong passion for children’s theatre and interest in Japan along with Kumiko’s childhood memories of living in Japan, they decided to create a company dedicated to bringing the many fascinating stories and culture of Japan to UK young audiences.