‘I’m a great believer in expressing my anger’

Jo Caulfield - at The Lamb Inn, Old Town, Eastbourne, on February 6
Jo Caulfield - at The Lamb Inn, Old Town, Eastbourne, on February 6

Award-winning comedian Jo Caulfield hits town this week with her brand new show ‘Celebration of Anger’, a show exploring the things that irritate, annoy and irk – and embracing the joys of getting angry about them, no matter how petty they may seem to others.

The show heads for The Con Club, Lewes, on Sunday, February 2, at 8pm.

“I’m a great believer in letting rip and expressing my anger,” said Jo.

“Whether it’s prompted by someone being rude, the ridiculous romantic rituals my friends are following, or life in general, I love to have a good rant – it’s the only sensible approach most of the time.

“Let’s face, it so many things are annoying or unnecessarily silly that if you don’t stop to laugh at them they may very well drive you up the wall.”

Finding the funny in the frustrations of life is something Jo excels at – hence her regular appearances on many TV and radio panel shows, including Mock the Week and Have I Got News for You.

But the acclaimed comedian is the first to admit that getting mad doesn’t always mean getting even.

Jo said: “On more than one occasion my anger has backfired and got me into trouble.

“How much trouble? You’ll have to some and see the show to find out.”

Tickets cost £11. Call the box office on 07582 408 418.

Visit www.lewesconclub.com.