Improv comedy with unique twist

Off the Cuff
Off the Cuff

Off the Cuff offer Do The Proverbial at Brighton Fringe 2014 with a date on May 30 at 8.30pm, Upstairs at Three and Ten, 10 Steine Street.

Spokeswoman Rosie James said: “Do The Proverbial is the latest fresh and inventive new show premise from the popular stalwarts of Brighton’s improv scene, now on their ninth consecutive Fringe run.

“The newly devised Do The Proverbial brings a twist on Off the Cuff’s much-loved brand of improv, tapping a rich seam of surreal humour.

“In addition to the usual feast of quick-fire fun and games, the centrepiece of this show is a unique format in which the deeply-familiar is injected with a dose of the delightfully-strange.

“An absorbing, fanciful and unpredictable night of entertainment takes shape as an entirely improvised sketch show is created, inspired by a proverb made up on the spot, with help from the audience.

“Taking their cues from audience suggestions, Off the Cuff conjure tales, characters and scenarios for a unique experience at every show. Their edgy, fast and loose style, honed over the best part of a decade, means just one thing is guaranteed: laughs aplenty.”

Rosie added: “With their audiences and reputation continuously growing, 2013 saw Off the Cuff branching out, with bookings in London as well as their first foray into the land of muddy summer festivals, where their irreverent, adventurous spirit saw them fit in a treat.

“In March 2014 Off the Cuff launched their first improvised comedy course, through which they are relishing passing on their skills to others wishing to try their hand at this risky, riotous and rewarding strand of comedic performance.”