Intelligent satire and merciless mockery

Stewart Lee. Photo by Steve Ullathorne
Stewart Lee. Photo by Steve Ullathorne

Stewart Lee, Brighton Dome, February 27, 8pm

It was a joy to see the comedian’s comedian Stewart Lee return to Brighton, displaying all his signature moves which have helped to make him, in my view, the best stand up comedian in the UK.

Splitting the room, almost mesmeric repetition and merciless ribbing of the UKIPs, as well as dark satire were all on show to perfection.

There was a segment on trying to create Islamaphobic comedy to satisfy critics who castigate liberal and politically correct comedians for attacking easy target religions. Obviously as a liberal and politically correct comedian he did not do anything Islamaphobic.

Then he did impressions of the critics squealing that they wanted anti-Islamic comedy “But not like that Stew!”And a brilliant bit where he attempts to do the crowd pleasing observational comedy of Michael McIntyre, showing it up for being, well a little bit silly.

The bit where he appeared to lose it on stage when people left the theatre was phenomenal. A strange eerie quiet fell over the audience, punctuated by maniacal giggles.

It doesn’t get any better than this

Material from this show will be used to create the next TV series Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle. If you like your comedy satirical and intelligent, it doesn’t get any better than this.