Interactive show puts trash to good use

Lyngo Theatre Company return to Brighton Dome with their brand-new show Knick Knack and Doo Dad: Reasons to be Cheerful! on Saturday, April 13.

On the North Atlantic Garbage Patch lives Knick Knack, who endlessly sorts through all the rubbish that humanity has thrown into the sea and forgotten about. He’s been forgotten too and is so lonely that he has started talking to a dummy that he has found. Knick Knack has been there so long that he has even forgotten his name. Nobody has used it for ages. And he has completely forgotten how to smile.

Spokesman Chris Challis said: “Knick Knack and Doo Dad will be making the most marvellous geegaws and thingumyjigs out of the floating flotsam and jetsam around them.”

Chris added: “2013 marks Lyngo Theatre Company’s 10 year anniversary. Bringing new and innovative theatre from Italy to venues throughout the UK, the company champions the work of designer and director Marcello Chiarenza. Peformance 11.30am and 2.30pm.