Intriguing play will keep you guessing

Dead Guilty, Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne

It was a joy to see a thriller that I have never seen before with such an intriguing story you could hear a pin drop as the audience sat riveted at Eastbourne on Tuesday.

Richard Harris has written such a good play Dead Guilty that combined with the excellent casting this production has given us a cracking evening in the theatre.

This psychological thriller takes place after John Haddrell has a heart attack at the wheel which causes the crash where he is killed and his passenger Julia Darrow is badly injured.

As she struggles to recover from her injuries she is visited by his widow Margaret Haddrell and the two become friends – or do they, and how did Julia come to be in the car with John that fatal night.

As the story unfolds you really do wonder what is going to happen next.

This four-hander is brilliantly played by all the cast.

Anna Brecon who was the posh Lady Tara in Emmerdale for which she won Best Newcomer at the National Television Awards was excellent in the role of the troubled Julia.

Her Counsellor who is trying to help her come to terms with her injuries and the trauma of the crash is well played by Jo Castleton.

The tragic widow Margaret who mysteriously wants to befriend and look after the woman who was with her husband when he died couldn’t have been better played.

Jenny Funnell who became a familiar face to many viewers as Sandy in As Time Goes By was born to play this part.

The fourth member of the cast is Ben Roddy who plays Gary Julia’s home help and gardener.

He was very good as you spent the evening wondering if he was really someone more sinister than the simpleton he seemed to be.

This is a good evening in the theatre, especially if you like psychological thrillers and you will never guess the ending.